Kechi Nomu

Poetry & Fiction

  • “A Dispensable Woman”, Boston Review (Arts in the time of Quarantine Special Feature)
  • “Unearthings: Notes From A Séance”, Cosmonauts Avenue
  • “My Lover, And Other Summer Relics”, Electric Literature
  • “Note to the Boy Kicking the Stone”, Poetry Society
  • “5 Poems”, Enkare Magazine
  • “Growths”, “For Ice”, Saraba Magazine (The Solitude Issue)

Non Fiction & Journalism

  • “Death Decreed on Zoom”, Rest of World, 2020
  • “The end of love is a thing of ugly brilliance”, Ploughshares (online)
  • I Who Exist, I Am No Longer Silence (On Stephen Tayo’s Ibeji Photographs in Rele Gallery’s Young Contemporaries Anniversary Issue), 2019
  • “Me Too in Nigeria” (In Africa is a Country for 16 Days of Activism), 2019
  • “I Move My Body like All the Other Bodies I Watch”, Invisible Borders: Border’s Within II (Journeys within Nigeria), 2017
  • “Keeping a Subculture Alive”, The Theatre Times, 2017
  • “Should it Matter How The Mass Is Mobilized?”, openDemocracy, 2015

Interview & Reviews

  • Brittle Paper: Making an Archive of Private Memory: Interview with Kechi Nomu, 2019
  • In Their Own Words: Eleven New Generation African Poets, 2018
  • Emerging Writers Network:  Book Review 2018-002: Acts of Crucifixion by Kechi Nomu, 2018


  • Other Valuable Angles, Cambridge Excellence in English, Senior Secondary 1, (Cambridge University Press. South Africa)
  • “Be Happy”, It Wasn’t Exactly Love: Stories from the 2012 Farafina Trust Creative Writing Workshop


  • Acts of Crucifixion, African Poetry Book Fund & Akashic Books, 2018.
  • We Hold the World Briefly as it Moves, Meditations on the road and travels with the Trans-African Artist Collective Invisible Borders published in 2019. The project won the inaugural Von Brochowski-Süd-Nord-Prize.